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Dental tartar under the gums: how to deal with it using natural remedies

Dental tartar under the gums: how to deal with it using natural remedies

Understand Tarter: The Unseen Enemy

Let's share a moment of honesty, folks. The term "dental tartar" holds an almost villainous connotation, doesn't it? There is just something about it that sends a shiver up the spine and sets off alarm bells in your head. But worry not, there are effective natural remedies you can employ to fight this unseen enemy! Dental tartar, a hard, calcified deposit that forms under your gums and can lead to serious oral issues if untreated, is a common concern. Yet, with knowledge and proactive efforts, it can be easily controlled. Like a cheeky fairy stealing your tooth while you sleep, tartar works silently, uninvitedly and under the shadows of your gums. But, you know, less enchanting and a bit more...nasty.

The Hidden Impact of Tartar Accumulation

Have you ever noticed that sometimes seemingly insignificant things can have a snowball effect leading to much larger problems? Tartar is just like that. It can start out as a tiny annoyance, almost unnoticeable, but can grow into a monstrous issue, causing a host of oral health issues like gum inflammation, bad breath, toothache and even tooth loss. Imagine going for that job interview, first date, or the exciting business pitch with a lopsided smile. No thank-you!

Tales from Your Toothbrush: The First Line of Defense

You know, I often wonder why we don't pay more attention to our toothbrushes. They are our first line of defense in the fight against tartar. The rule of thumb is to brush twice daily for at least two minutes each time. And it's not just about any random brushing; it's about thorough, meticulous cleansing. Now put that smartphone down and spend those two minutes with your toothbrush. It’s your tiny, bristly ally in this battle for dental harmony!

Choosing Your Weapons: The Right Toothpaste

Are you one of those supermarket wanderers who get perplexed by the endless array of toothpaste brands? I sympathise. Every tube promises a multi-dimensional dental health miracle. It's enough to make anyone's head spin! However, remember to choose one that contains fluoride. It's a major player in the prevention of tartar buildup. Preventing tartar is kind of like assembling flat pack furniture. You need the right tools—or in this case, the right toothpaste—and a pinch of patience.

The Sidekick Floss: More Than a Dancer's Move

When it comes to oral hygiene, flossing is like Batman's faithful sidekick, Robin: always overlooked but indispensable in the fight against crime—or tartar, in our case. While your toothbrush does the heavy lifting, it's the floss that sneaks into those tight spaces in-between teeth where your toothbrush can't venture. This is why learning how to floss effectively is important. It's like we're secret agents on a mission: no room for compromise!

Enter the Food Warriors: Foods That Fight Tartar

Nature, in its extraordinary wisdom, has bestowed upon us some everyday foods that act as natural tooth cleaners, just like having your very own superhero squad in your kitchen. Apples, celery, pears, and carrots help in scrubbing away the plaque, while dairy products like cheese neutralise the harmful acids that contribute to tartar formation. Plus, who doesn't love a good apple or cheese snack? Even your dentist would approve!

Rinsing With Power: The Age-Old Magic of Saltwater

Remember that time when you were a kid and your granny told you to gargle with saltwater for mouth ulcers? It turns out she knew what she was on about! Rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater can also help control plaque and tartar. Considered one of the easiest and cheapest natural remedies, it's a versatile weapon to add to your dental care arsenal. Thank you, Granny for this amazing tip!

Oil Pulling: An Ancient Practice for Modern Problems

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves swishing oil like coconut, sesame, or sunflower in your mouth for about 15 to 20 minutes and then spitting it out. Kind of like mouthwash, without the burning sensation. As unconventional as it may sound, many people swear by it. It's also a perfect solution for folks like me who enjoy trying out 'old-school' remedies with a tinge of exotic cultural practices. Just be sure not to swallow that oil!

I once had an embarrassing run-in with tartar that cost me dearly during a date. The woman I was seeing commented on 'something' in my teeth. Mortifying doesn't begin to cover it. From that day onwards, I swore to myself that I would prioritize my dental health and take care of those pearly whites. I don't want any of you to experience a similar horror, hence my passion for sharing these tips. Dental care, like life, is a constant work in progress, and I'm here to march with you, from one dental adventure to another!

Harrison Stanford
Harrison Stanford

I'm an experienced stomatologist currently practicing in Melbourne. For over 20 years, I've been helping patients optimize their oral health. I maintain a well-known blog where I love to write about péče o zuby, educating patients about the subtleties of maintaining excellent oral hygiene. When I'm not at the practice or scribbling down for my blog, you'll probably find me kite surfing or brewing some homemade beer.

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