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What foods can cause cavities between teeth?

What foods can cause cavities between teeth?

The Truth about Tooth Traps: Foods That Cause Cavities

Imagine this, you are at a festive dinner table, glistening with an array of tantalizing dishes. They look oh-so-delicious, and hunger gnawing at your belly, you can hardly wait to gobble them all down. But hold on, my friend! As much as we all love to indulge our taste buds, there might be more at stake than just a few extra pounds. Today, I'm going to spill the beans about which devils in the disguise of yummy foods can lead to the painful nightmare we all dread - cavities, especially the ones that like to play hide and seek between our teeth.

The Not-So-Sweet Reality about Sugar

So, we all know that sugar is one of the leading culprits behind cavities, but do you know why? It's time for a quick biology crash course. The bacteria in our mouths love to feast on sugars, creating acids that erode tooth enamel leading to dental caries. Now I know, it's autumn and the time for pumpkin pies and caramel apples are oh so tempting. Not too long ago, my kids, Soren and Simone, were practically drooling over a sugar-infested candy apple at a local fair. Well, I did let them have a little, under one condition - they brush their teeth right after the treat.

Ice Cream, Cakes, and something Dark

But wait, it's not just the obvious villain candies, it's also your favorite moi-moi lattes, ice creams, cakes, and yes, dark chocolates. Surprised about dark chocolates? I have to admit, I also was. But even the praised antioxidants in them can't save the day when it comes to sugar content. As for ice creams, cakes, and similar treats, I suggest enjoying them, but as a part of a balanced meal. Maybe follow it up with an apple or carrot to clean your teeth naturally.

The Hidden Dangers of Diet Soda

You may think you are doing your teeth a favor when you opt for a diet soda over its sugary counterpart. Think again! Diet sodas are actually more acidic than regular ones. This means they are more likely to cause cavities! Remember, it's the acid that causes tooth enamel erosion. So, if you are a soda lover, it's high time to switch your preferences to a healthier option, perhaps fruit-infused water or unsweetened iced tea. And I know how easy it is for 'once in a while' to become a daily habit, trust me I've been there!

The Sticky and Crunchy Intruders

Another group of food products that can lead to issues are those that stick around...literally. I am talking about sticky and chewy foods. Remember those sticky taffy candies or chewy caramels that practically glue themselves to your teeth? The longer these foods stay attached to your teeth, the longer the bacteria have to chow down and create cavities. And let's not forget about hard, crunchy foods. Potato chips, for instance, can get stuck between your teeth. Times when I had to pick out chip residues from between Soren's teeth after his snack time, are many I assure you.

Dried Fruits: Friend or Foe?

While fruits are generally good for your health, dried fruits can be harmful to your dental health. Surprised? Shocked? No, I haven’t lost my mind. Despite being nutritionally beneficial, when fruits are dried, the sugar content becomes concentrated, and their chewy texture makes them stick to and between your teeth. My word of caution - steer your grocery cart away from that plump pack of raisins next time, or maybe just day-dream about them.

The Role of Alcohol and Smoking

In the list of tooth decaying culprits, let's not leave out smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, they contribute to dehydrating your mouth, reducing the production of saliva that washes away food and neutralizes acids. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption have additional health benefits too, way beyond dental health. It's a win-win!

The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups

Being aware of what you consume goes a long way in ensuring proper dental health. However, even the most diligent brushers and flossers need to get regular dental checkups. Sometimes, a tiny piece of that Christmas cookie from 2009 could still be lodged between your teeth! The tools and techniques used by dentists can reach places our toothbrushes can only dream of. In fact, just last week, our family dentist found a popcorn kernel lodged away in a distant, rarely-seen corner of my mouth. I believe I was munching on popcorn watching Game of Thrones! So, don't skip that dentist appointment, alright?


In this cavities-filled journey, we have learned some bitter sweet (pun intended!) truths about several of our favorite foods. It may be a bit of a bumpy ride initially to let go of the enticing lures of these traps, but health, especially dental health, is an investment, not an expense. Besides, your teeth will thank you, and believe me, a toothache-free smile is way sweeter than any candy out there! So, do keep an eye out for these food items and enjoy your meals, but with a dash of caution and awareness!

Harrison Stanford
Harrison Stanford

I'm an experienced stomatologist currently practicing in Melbourne. For over 20 years, I've been helping patients optimize their oral health. I maintain a well-known blog where I love to write about péče o zuby, educating patients about the subtleties of maintaining excellent oral hygiene. When I'm not at the practice or scribbling down for my blog, you'll probably find me kite surfing or brewing some homemade beer.

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